Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wisent a consulting company ?

No, we’re a doing company.

Unlike most consulting companies who deliver recommendations and leave you to implement them, we are with you every step of the way. Wisent uses our expertise to audit your facility and build a program based on your needs. We then work with you to implement and actively manage your program while measuring results, identifying areas for improvement and enacting change to achieve your goals.

There is no finish line…

What can Wisent Environmental do for my business ?

Wisent works with you to develop and implement customized solutions based on your sustainability and facilities management objectives.

By providing you with a single point of contact and removing the requirement to manage and administer multiple vendors, we reduce operational and administrative complexity, and the associated costs. Through our Active Management approach we proactively identify and resolve potential issues before they can negatively impact your operations. In addition we incorporate learnings derived from reporting and industry best practices to identify opportunities for ongoing program improvements.

Wisent manages the day to day challenges of consumables and facilities management, allowing you to focus on higher priority strategic goals.

We’ll herd your cats for you.

Will working with Wisent increase my costs ?

Generally we lower costs for our clients as a result of our vendor consolidation model and facility wide process improvements which reduces your management requirements, labour time and program costs while increasing material values.

The goods and services that make up a Wisent program are already being provisioned by your company. We work with you to streamline processes across departments to increase efficiency, reduce administration and drive costs down.

We are not asking you to do more or pay more, we are asking you to partner with us to do less, pay less and do it better.

What are next steps ?

If you think your business can benefit from Wisent Environmental’s programs, including Operational Efficiencies, improved Financial and Facility Performance, Quantitative Reporting, increased Employee Engagement and EH&S, give us call. We’ll come out and perform a walk-through of your facility to understand your business objectives, operations and key stakeholders to develop a proposal for moving forward.