Operational Efficiencies

Enhanced productivity is achieved by implementing material, labour and workflow improvements   



Life Cycle Approach

Wisent’s approach is to view and manage the facility as an “ecosystem” where nothing happens in isolation.  Often a facility’s material inflows, their utilization and the resulting outflows are managed independently when in reality these functions have a significant impact on one another and should be viewed as one process.

By incorporating these functions into an overall chain of custody management model and leveraging their interdependence, we maximize the efficiency of each upstream activity while ensuring it is complementary to subsequent downstream processes.   This life cycle approach to the management of consumable materials promotes a more integrated workflow across all business units.

Integrated Onsite and Offsite Resources

Our comprehensive programs benefit from an integrated management model comprised of onsite and offsite resources.  This model provides our clients with clear lines of communication to an experienced team with an in depth knowledge base, providing decisive, well informed support.

Regularly scheduled onsite visits and offsite support allows you to reduce the work hours required to manage certain aspects of your facility, allowing for labour redeployment with a focus on your company’s core objectives. In doing so you are able to create higher levels of productivity within your workforce.

In executing this proactive management model we identify opportunities for improvement and eliminate minor problems before they can cause a disruption to operational productivity.  This leads to an increase in overall program efficacy, and we do this within the context ofContinuous Improvement.

Vendor Consolidation

By eliminating the requirement to manage multiple vendors to service your facility, our program features a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) management structure for a range of facility services.  This vendor consolidation model provides simplified access by your organization to the resources they need, reducing complexity and saving time and money.

By coordinating a range of services and working across multiple business units, Wisent develops a strong understanding of your business, and builds ongoing relationships with key stakeholders within your organization, allowing us to provide high value customer service.

The goal of our program is to allow you to focus on your core business while having confidence that your facility is being managed in line with your objectives and expectations.  Wisent prides itself on being easy to do business with, and we achieve this by eliminating the layers of complexity that are inherent in multi-vendor service models, enacting customer-focused policies, providing clear communication, and by simplifying the administrative and operational processes required to manage your facility.

Communication Strategy

Any successful facilities management program is structured with the understanding that every employee is a stakeholder and has a direct impact on the program’s success, even if it’s not their core focus.  The vast majority of employees don’t require direct involvement, but do benefit from a well-defined and visually communicated program that is task and situationally appropriate during the course of their workday.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are developed and implemented to facilitate efficient program implementation, as well as ongoing resources for program management. These SOPs ensure standardization and are utilized as reference and training tools, keeping the program on track and ensuring program efficiency.

Our Active Management model drives our involvement in our clients’ day-to-day operations, and through this we are able to proactively identify opportunities for process improvements, and develop and implement solutions with key stakeholders.  By working within this context of continuous improvement, we also draw on best practices from our experience across diverse industries and communicate solutions to our clients to increase efficiency.